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CCFE Flywheels


At Culham Centre for Fusion Energy we have a number of really cool things; Including some very very large power requirments (we are one of about 13 National Grid customers on our own 400 kV feeds).

When JET is Pulsing it takes an awesome amount of power, wondering around site took these photos from the Flywheel hall

IMG 1242

Also sat in flywheel hall are some Toroidal field coils; these are the coils that hold the plasma in the center of the torus; hopefully I can put some pictures up of the Torus hall

IMG 1241

You can read more on the EFDA JET site.


Also on Site we have some random containers; this one is a beer barrel containing ‘ultra pure water’

IMG 1238


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  1. I find your blog most enlightening. I would be very pleased to see more photographs of inside the fusion centre. Is the reactor above or below the ground? Also I would be intrigued to know how often the reactor is active. I’d be very interested to see other parts of the reactor.

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