Cheap Chinese loco and secret plans

Well that is MiniBoyGeek up to three working electric Lego Duplo locomotives, only the Chinese one to go…

I spoke to the seller:

  • > Item died within 10 minutes of putting batteries into it. refund required.
  • > I am still awaiting a response to my question re refund or replacement
  • < Dear Customer,
    < Thank you very much for your message and purchasing from us.
    < Could you please change the batteries and check it again?
    < Kind regards,
  • > I have switched the batteries from a working Duplo locomotive to the unit as sold. After the swap the Duplo loco operates as desired. Performance of your unit is the same. (Including a link to the above video)
  • < Dear Customer,
    < Thank you very much for your message.
    < Sometimes it takes time from manufacturing to end-user, and batteries dont work well. Please kindly use genuine brand new batteries for your item.
    < Kind regards,
  • > Please assume that I know how cells work.
    > See video (link to video again)
  • < Dear Customer,
    < Thank you very much for your message.
    < We sent a replacement engine to you including prepaid return label to send the faulty one back to us. We should be much obliged if you would drop the parcel in any Royal Mail offices.
    < Please kindly accept our apology for this inconvenience.
    <Kind regards,

Drat there was me hoping I could keep the dead one for Autopsy 🙁 and for not so supper secret plans:

Oh well in the mean time, More p-way observations:

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