The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Citalopram and I

Please do not use this post as a bases for your medical advice! I am in no way a trained medical professional. other disclaimers and disclosures can be read here.

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Last year I was talking to a lovely young lady called Sara, One of the things she recommended was talking to my Doctor about my mental health, My local doctor prescribed me Citalopram, I was on Citalopram for about six months, when my life had levelled off, and I was feeling better mentally I came off it; however with things that have happened recently I started taking the small stock that the Doctor left me in-case things went south again, while at the moment they are making me feel better, I would prefer not to be on them;

I am tempted to either try without them when I get near the end of my small stock, or move to something like St John’s Wart; and see how things continue, last time I was on Anti-Depressants, I received no external help; and was not really sure about the cause, however since I am more aware of how my mental health should be now I think that I should be able to work things through in a better manner.

St John’s Wart is a well known ‘Complimentary Medicine’ 12 which in studies has shown to have antidepressant properties 34.

I will also have to try and live by Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman’s “10 Commandments for Right Living”

  1. You shall not worry, for worry makes you suffer the same disaster many times.
  2. You shall not dominate or posses others, for everyone has the right to govern his own actions
  3. You shall not desire undue fame, for the burdens of greatness can kill the spirit.
  4. You shall not desire great wealth for there is no peace in the lives of the rich.
  5. You shall relax, for great tension causes illness in the body.
  6. You shall have a sense of humour, for laughter adds years to your life and life to your years.
  7. You shall cherish the beautiful and serve the good, for in giving you shall receive many times over.
  8. You shall harm no other person, by thought, word, or deed, for what you do to others will always come back to you.
  9. You shall not harbour any bitterness, for bitterness injures most the one who is bitter.
  10. You shall not blame anyone else for your problems, for blaming keeps you stuck and prevents a solution.

I will have to have more of a think about this all; and see how things go.

But I would value thoughts and advice from my friends, and if any one has any other references; its just I know what I need to sort out, but I think I could benefit from a bit of help to support my mental health on the way there; and Found the formal medical route to not be flexible.

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