The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Cycling by the Canals

In Narrowboat World Christian Wolmar after a walk around the Regents Canal Towpath is quoted as saying “Cyclists should not cycle aggressively. We’ve seen one or two people today pumping iron. The towpath is not for speed and it’s not a highway. It’s a calm, pleasant, relaxed and safe environment for all but it has to be used responsibly”

Last year, in the same publication Jenny Jones (Green Party), complained about cyclists who use the canal tow-paths  “like a race track with complete disregard for people who walk”.

British Waterways has as long as I have been walking along the canals has been publicising its ‘two tings‘ campaign,

On Saturday while looking for the bench; there were two people from Sustrans handing out cycle maps and watching the tow path. however despite all of this; I am sure I am one of the only people I know with a British Waterways Cycle Permit, which states on teh back the rules for cycling:

  1. Give way to others at all times.
  2. Warn others of your approach.
  3. Watch out for hazards.
  4. Get off and walk if the path becomes difficult.
  5. Ride in single file and don’t bunch.
  6. Don’t risk a skid!
  7. Only cycle in daylight.
  8. Never race!
  9. Permission may be withdrawn if you ignore this code, and you could be liable to prosecution.

I hope that I can be considered to be a good Cyclist.

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