The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Dead Tree Ware Vs Kindle Vs iBook

I buy most of my Dead Tree Ware books from Amazon; a very convenient way to acquire books; I select which ones I want; click send to me; wait a few days and a box arrives; What makes Amazon even more convenient than Water stones is that I can order books any time day or night; or place items into a wish list. oh and bonus points for Amazon not just limiting there goods to books; they are also my preferred supplier of geeky stuff.

I have been playing with the Amazon Kindle iPhone app; and the Mac App, while the iPhone is not the best way to read an electronic book; it’s certainly not the worst. while the Mac App on my MacBook Pro is awesome 😀

Looking at it objectivity; I think the Amazon Kindle would be a good ebook reader to buy (I have been playing with Loupie’s); I was thinking about getting an iPad; but now I have a fast mobile computer; I think the Kindle will work better to fill that requirement set; and I can still buy Dead Tree Ware books for Technical Subjects.

While I do like mac applications; I have to state that iBooks sucks; no ability to read the books from within iTunes makes it useless for reading on a mac.

However my biggest complaint about non Dead Tree Ware books is that you cant lend them out.

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