The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Dealing with Spam

Since spending a fair amount of time in Swindon, and having the following on my Parents front door

I Still win the following:

The Swindon Star

The Swindon Star is a weekly free newspaper, well-established in the community and packed with local news and advertising. Published every Thursday this is Swindon’s best free newspaper.

So despite the top line being written in Pen for a fair while, the person who delivers it has still been chucking it and its associated flyers through the letter box, to try and stop it from happening I have phoned NewsQuest Swindon Twice, and have now removed the implied right of access of there staff. The implications of this removal is that should the delivery staff member now set foot on the property they are trespassing (this is also written on the top poster just above the URL).

Random Flyers

Random small businesses can’t read (although in one case could not write) english, and still shove flyers through the door.

Charity Collection Bags

Yep these people can’t read either, they seem to think that they are exempt by virtue of being virtuous… well sorry they are not they also fall under the definition of unwanted as well. not to mention that some collection bags are not being collected on behalf of charity, but un-scrupulous businesses “Partnering” with a “Good Cause” to try and maximise their own profit.

Earlier this year a lady from Christian Aid failed to read the lower poster, and while I pointed out that:

  1. The Envelope she had pushed through the door was junk mail
  2. She was a cold caller

She considered that my response was un-christian and “Prayed” that I would never need Christian Aid (no I have not reported her for lack off professional conduct), why did she fail to read it? well she had, but it was there for other people.

Spam brought by Royal Mail

Most of the crap I get pushed through the door comes via my local post man, has to push leaflets through my door, even with its ‘No Junk Mail’ sign, even when it’s obvious that the leaflets being delivered are junk mail.


This is a special kind of spam, this kind of spam is harder to kill, but falls into two groups,

  1. ‘To the Occupier’ or ‘To the Pizza Lover’.
    This is mail without a ‘delivery point’.
  2. ‘To the Occupier
    35 some street
    some town
    AB1 2CD
    This mail would be delivered as it has a delivery point

The logic is that Royal Mail has a legal obligation to deliver all mail with a delivery point. Whether or not mail items have an addressee is irrelevant; Royal Mail delivers mail to addresses, not to addressees. ‘To the Occupier’ mail with an address therefore is addressed junk mail and is harder to stop.

Piazza / takeaway menus

This was originally meant to be controlled by the smaller red poster, however this seems to be invisible in its own rights; however with the addition of the larger one this junk mail has lessened.

How to deal with Spam?

Since I cant really run spam assassin at my parents house or even employ an assassin to shoot dead / bounce back the bringers of spam back onto the public highway, however the only tool I seem to have is writing / calling people in the office of the offending party, and withdrawing the right of access to them.

There is an online Junk Buster form you can fill out at this site:

Junk Buster is a widget making it possible to contact up to six junk mail opt-out services in one go. So far, 29,124 households have used Junk Buster to stop junk mail and/or paper directories, saving 6,188,661 pieces / 250,636 kilos of unwanted mail per year.

Stuff from Royal Mail can be limited by contacting them using their opt out service, this fun endurance challange starts with an email asking Royal Mail to send you an ‘opt-out confirmation form’ you win this by sending an e-mail with your name and full address to [email protected]. they then send you the Opt Out Application back (you can grab it here without going via the email if you wish), which they expect you to fill in, and send (via royal mail) to them.

So that should now be most of the crap sorted by telling people they are risking Criminal Trespass, Opting-Out of crap I didn’t want in the first place, and returning post with a “delivery point” back to the person who sent it with a request to be removed from their mailing list.

At some point I will write a post about dealing with the Phone Spam .


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