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Dear @O2, I don’t think ‘upgrade’ means what you think it does…

Every so often O2 reminds me that as a ‘valued’ ‘long term’ customer that I can have a free upgrade to a better tariff, occasionally I have a look, more often than not its a load of Carp.

What I currently get from O2:

Yes I know I am slipping with my data use; but to be fair its only  been two days since my bill rolled over 😛 Expect a few gig by the end of the month.

The Best Offers:

I wonder if they are in breach of the trades description act by using the word ‘upgrade’

2 thoughts on “Dear @O2, I don’t think ‘upgrade’ means what you think it does…

  1. Maybe they think you want to send tens of thousands of text messages?

    Also limiting data use can be a good thing as that makes them more inclined towards allowing tethering, which I use a lot.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the post.

    We do try to make deals to suit everyone’s needs, sometimes people have very different needs than others, so if we’ve fallen below the mark with your needs we apologise.

    We do suggest talking to us about what deals we can do and see if there’s not something better for you.

    Ultimately, we do very much value your custom and want to get things right as with any of our customers.

    Do drop us a call on 202 from your mobile so we can see what we can do 🙂



    O2 Social Media Team

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