The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Duplo loading gauge, Locos, and PWay

Since the the last post on Duplo Trains, MiniBoyGeek has been given a lot more Lego Duplo by both his Granddad, and other family members for his second birthday:

He has now got two of the Duplo Locomotive base engines (LEGO PART 99844). I picked up a cheap Chinese Duplo compatible locomotive sold with the description “LECO Duplo Style Train Starter Set 5608 Battery operated Brand New Blue Tom” from eBay, which I assume is as close as you can get without signing yourself up for being sued.

The Item is described further thus:

Classic Train Set Starter Pack Brick Block 11 Pcs for kids- Battery operated

Your kid will love this fantastic Train set. This is a complete set of train with figures and Fuel Pump. We guarantee your little ones will want to assemble and play with for hours.

This is a construction set. The train is battery operated and the compartments can be attached.This great toy is perfect as a Birthday or Christmas gift for your little one, so grab yours now until stocks lasts

When you press down the switch, the train moves forward and send out the sound.When drill tubing is pressed, it makes the sound of refueling. It moves even out of track.

While the item is dimensionally the same as the Duplo base engine (part 99844) the build quality is a lot lower, so low in fact that after 10 minutes of use with fresh batteries the thing would no longer operate, so will have to see what Kids Craft Toys Ltd. say.

Four Locomotives in a row,

You can see that the four are smilier, the two 99844 based Locos, the Duplo intelli train that I bought as broken from eBay (which at some point I need to fix), and the Chinese clone.

Comparing the new P Way (Permanent way) against the old:

We haven’t got any new S&C yet but will comment on that latter.

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