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MiniBoyGeek playing with a Lego Duplo Train
MiniBoyGeek playing with a Lego Duplo Train
MiniBoyGeek playing with a Lego Duplo Train

Everybody loves a train set and LEGO Duplo tracks make it very easy to build your own set, I have watched YouTube videos of peoples Lego Train Sets, and thought that they were cool however if you look at the price of Lego City Train sets, prepare to cry even at the price of second hand parts! however I had a cunning plan, In the loft at my parents I have two massive boxes of my Lego Technic that MiniBoyGeek can have when he is older, at the moment he can have Duplo.

What is LEGO Duplo? LEGO Duplo building toys are specially designed for children aged 18 months to 5 years. The dimensions are double the size of LEGO bricks (Width and length sizes quoted represent the number of Duplo studs wide x long on the top of the bricks, eg 2 x 8).

Also being it is double the size of Lego, it is also compatible with it, the 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 bricks can go directly on top of a Duplo brick.

I also have access to a 3D printers, and a Laser Cutter, so I plan on making my own parts as well.

As with all LEGO products, the tracks are very durable, so tracks from thirty years ago (When I was small) will still make a great railway. I have been hunting on ebay for second hand track, and trains, the old black tracks are more available at sensible prices (I don’t have any of the other colours / styles yet).

LEGO has released three different colours of Duplo train track. They are compatible with each other and with all general Duplo trains, wheel bases and accessories. If you have any battery operated Lego Duplo trains they will work best with the dark grey or bluish grey tracks as they provide traction for the engine wheels.

Black tracks – First released in 1983

The three types of Duplo track
The three types of LEGO Duplo tracks
  • Long Curves,
  • Long Straights (4 x 11),
  • Y Junctions,
  • Crossovers,
  • Very Short Straights (4 x 3),
  • Bridge with Grey supports. Set #2717

Dark Grey tracks – First released in 1993

  • Short Curves,
  • Short Straights (4 x 8)
  • Switch Junctions,
  • Crossovers,
  • Stop/Go Points,
  • Level crossings
  • Bridge with Green supports. Set #2738

Bluish Grey tracks – First released in 2005

This track is used in all of the Lego Duplo Thomas the Tank engine train sets

  • Short Curves
  • Short Straights (4 x 8)
  • Switch Junctions,
  • Crossovers,
  • Level crossings
  • Bridge with Red supports and arch girders. Set #3774

Track Design

LEGO Duplo Track is different to the ‘real’ track you are used to seeing (and modelled in HO etc and Lego System / City Trains, etc) it is more like ‘Flanged Rail‘ which is still kind of in use in some locations,


I have measured up a bit of black track with a view to making my own track if needed, however If you head over to ThingiVerse there are a number of things designed to be duplo compatible and 3D printed already including:

I was also looking at the possibility of Laser cutting or otherwise making long straights out of wood, or other materials.

We seem to have enough track for small layouts inside, however I suspect that as MiniBoyGeek gets older, we can sneak more electric locomotives and automatic S&C (Switch and Crossing) into his track and train collection.

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