The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

6″ Rack System

Six inch Rack System Printing
Six inch Rack System Printing

On Thingiverse / Github there are the details for making a 6″ rack system, It is designed for being built from 2020 extruded aluminium profile1. the measurements are as roughly as follows:

Dimension Measurement
inches mm
Front panel width 6.1 155
Holes centre to centre 5.2 135
Maximum usable aperture 4.4 115
1 U Height 0.55 14
2 U 1.1 28
3 U 1.65 42
4 U 2.2 56
6 inch rack system dims
6″ rack system dims

The standard 19″ rack mounting system has the following measurements:

Dimension Measurement
inches mm
Front panel width 19 482.6
Holes centre to centre 18.31 ± 0.06 465 ± 1.5
Maximum usable aperture 17.7 450
1 U 1.75 44.8
2 U 3.5 88.9
3 U 5.25 133.4
4 U 7 177.8

I like the look of the 6″ system, however to fit my needs better; I am going to adjust it slightly:

Dimension Measurement (mm) Fusion 360 link
Front panel width 170
Holes centre to centre 150
Maximum Unit depth 170
Maximum usable aperture 130
1 U 15 1U case
2 U 30 2U case
3 U 45 3U case
4 U 60 4U case

This means that each Front Panel is just slightly shorter than 4 19″ rack units at 177.8mm, leaving ~3mm each at top and bottom for sheets of material. and the Maximum usable aperture is 450 mm which is 30 U in my system, so with careful mounting and design; I should be able to get 30 U of equipment in 4U of 19″ Rack mount space.

The parts on Thingiverse are designed to be printed; however I am more interested in making my system to be laser cut, using the same box maker for Fusion 360 as I am using on my MiniBoyGeekInterface.

For mounting into the 2020 I will use the same method, and use M3 x 6 Thumb Screws.

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  1. but a profile can also be printed
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