How to view (and Download) BS standards

British standards are one of those anoying things that you need to know about, need to be able to reference, but can’t afford to buy all the ones you need access to, luckly they are made available through a number of public librarys and can be viewed for free. however you normaly can not download them to make them eaiser to view without an active internet connection… However:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Go to British Standards Online”
  3. Search for the standard you want, and click on ‘quick view’
    1. I went with “BS 8888 – Technical Product Documentation and Specification” (url is as my example.
    2. Right click on the small gap above the grey bar in the browser window and view source, find the line that looks like: ”PDFFile: “/PDFViewer/GetViewerDocument?pid=000000000030334593″,”
    3. replace the last part of the URL in your browser, so that ”PdfViewer?pid=” becomes ”GetViewerDocument?pid=” with
  4. Save the file with the extention ”.pdf”
  5. Enjoy
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