The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

List of stuff

# Blogs:
– [The Bullshit Web](
– [Here’s what the evidence shows about the links between creativity and depression](
– [One Page CV](
– [One click away from hell](
– [The Birth And Death Of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images](
– [The end of the Apple dynasty?](
– [The Fundamentals Of Computer Science, Explained Through Sand](
– [This Amazing Tree That Shows How Languages Are Connected Will Change The Way You See Our World](
– [Why men rape](
– [Facebook’s Generation Y nightmare](
– [How Racism, Arrogance, and Incompetence Led to Pearl Harbor](
– [Donald Trump: How the media created the president](
– [How to Build Culture in Remote Teams](
– [Privacy? I have nothing to hide.](
– [How to Stop Being an Interrupting Asshole](
– [What do Halloween and Social Psychology have in common? Deindividuation, of course](
– [Richard Stallman – the freedom defender whom we may not deserve but definitely need](
– [The factory in the center](
– [Successful Founders Bend the Universe to Their Will](
– [The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur](
– [How to Create a Chain Reaction of Good Habits](
– [The firm that starts work at 9.06am](
– [The Journey of Humankind: How Money Made Us Modern](
– [What does photography have to do with science?](
– [Why It’s OK to Block Ads](
– [How Your Brain Tricks You Into Believing Fake News](

# Interesting Websites:
– [Aeon](
– [Creative Boom](
– [Futurism](
– [Zen Habits](
– [Zach Whalen](

# Twitter Accounts and Bots:
– [@a_quilt_bot](
– [@MuseumBot](
– [@RealTimeWWII](
– [@evilbmcats](

# Instagram Accounts:
– [@halfhalftravel](
– [@benjaminbardou](
– [@briankesinger](
– [@allthatisshe](
– [@thenewyorkchronicles](
– [@tombobnyc](

## Random:

## Personal Finance
– [Freakonimics on Personal Finance: Part 1:](
Some parts are America centric, but otherwise sound advice
The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money
– [Freakonimics on Personal Finance: Part 2:](
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Money (But Were Afraid to Ask)
– [10 Rules of Finance](

## Algorithms
– [LeetCode:](
Collection of problems that one can solve for betterr algorithmic understanding. Also a number of tutorials to understand datastructures etc. in depth

## Security Engineering
– [How2Heap:](
Detailed examples and documentation of what’s wrong with memory management in C
– [BufferOverflow:](
Explanation of buffer overflow for 32-bit systems

### Video Tutorials
– [LiveOverflow:](
Videos explaining binary and web hacking concepts

### Exercises
– [ExploitExercises:](
Exploitation Exercises
– [Pwnable:](
Pwnable is a site to test and expand ones binary exploiting skills.
– [Hack The Box](
An online platform allowing you to test and advance your skills in cyber security.
– [Vulnhub](
A collection of vulnerable machines. Download, start, hack.

### Compete
– [CTFTime:](
Writeups for previous events, leaderboard and calendar for upcoming events

# Web – Frontend

– [Emmet cheatsheet:](
A very handy cheat sheet to get started with Emmet
– [Visual Studio Code:](
One of the best code editors out there for almost any project.
– [HTML5 cheatsheet:](
A handy printable HTML5 cheat sheet that can save a lot of time.
– [16:9 Calculator:](
Calculates the dimensions based on width in the aspect ratio: 16:9.

## CSS
– [Animate.css:](
A great animation library based on pure CSS
– [Hover.css:](
Another awesome CSS library for hover animations
– [Flexbox:](
A cheatsheet/guide to the Flexbox.
– [Grid:](
A cheatsheet/guide to the Grid.

## JS
– [MDN web docs:](
The best documentation for JS
– [JavaScript Reference by MDN:](
A great JS reference with in-depth info
– [You Might Not Need jQuery:](
Apart from the self explanatory name, it’s also a nice DOM manipulation reference.
– [JS Keycodes Reference](
– [JS Design Patterns](

## Typography
– [Google Fonts:](
A huge library of web fonts
– [Typetester:](
A great typographical editor also useful for font comparison
– [A Pocket Guide to Typography:](
Good resource to learn typography basics

## Colors
– [Flat UI Colors:](
Nice flat design colors
– [Material Palette:](
Create and download material design inspired color palettes
– [Color Hunt:](
Awesome color palettes for your next design
– [UI Gradients:](
Curated gradients that look great
– [Paletton:](
Mix and match colors that go together nicely
– [Coolors:](
The super fast color schemes generator

## Images
– [Unsplash:](
Beautiful, free to use and high quality images
– [Pixabay:](
Over 620,000 free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations
– [Random User Generator:](
Create randomized user data including profile pictures.
– [Freepik:](
Free Vectors, PSD, Icons and photos.

## Icons
– [Ionicons:](
100% free for commercial use, great iconfont toolkit
– [Icons8:](
A premium resource for any kind of icons
– [Icomoon:](
Convert SVGs to iconfonts
– [Flaticon:](
free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats

## UI Design Inspiration
– [Dribbble:](
Where Web Designers publish their creations
– [CallToIdea:](
Collection of UI designs divided into categories
– [Awwwards:](
Where Web Designers compete against each other
– [UI Movement:](
Collection of web components and mobile apps designs

## Utility
– [Free Frontend:](
Hand-picked HTML and CSS code examples, tutorials and articles
– [CodyHouse:](
CodyHouse is a library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets

## YouTube channels
### Electronics
– [Adafruit Industries](
– [Afrotechmods](
– [AvE](
– [Collin Cunningham](
– [EEVblog](
– [ElectroBOOM](
– [electronicsNmore](
– [Electronoobs](
– [Element14 Presents](
– [Future Electronics](
– [GreatScott!](
– [Jeri Ellsworth](
– [Keysight Labs](
– [Learn Engineering](
Most notable are the [Electronics]( and [Electrical Machines]( playlists.
– [Louis Rossmann](
– [Make:](
– [MakerKatie](
– [Marco Reps](
– [Mr Carlson’s Lab](
– [Vida em Silício](

### Engineering & DIY
– [A2C Arts And Crafts](
– [Brainiac75](
– [DIY Creators](
– [DIY Perks](
– [engineerguy](
– [Learn Engineering](
– [Maker’s Muse](
– [MakerKatie](
– [Mark Rober](
– [Practical Engineering](
– [Steve Mould](
– [Switch and Lever](
– [the Hacksmith](
– [The King of Random](
– [Tinkernut](

### CS / Security
– [Code Bullet](
– [CodeBabes](
– [Computerphile](
– [Garrett Fogerlie](
– [HackingVision](
– [Hak5](
– [Luka Sikic](
– [Null Byte](
– [The Linux Foundation](
– [Tom Scott](–mrJ2A)