Using Git to Deploy a Site

This is related to (link: /blog/setting-up-with-kirby text: Setting Up with Kirby) and is because WordPress was upsetting me too much.
# Set up your local directory
## Set up Git on your machine if you haven’t already.

mkdir ~/Sites/skippy_org_uk
cd ~/Sites/skippy_org_uk

git clone ssh://[email protected]

git init
git remote add origin [email protected]:SkippyUK/skippy_org_uk.git

# Create your first file, commit, and push
echo “Skippy” >>
git add .
git commit -m “Initial commit to setup”
git push -u origin master
## And all forward looking changes
# Add all the files we don’t know about yet
git add .
git commit -m “Blog update”
Send changes to and from BitBucket
git pull -u origin master
git push -u origin master
# Grab all the things on Irpa
## setup:
git clone [email protected]:SkippyUK/skippy_org_uk.git htdocs

## Grab the site every 15 mins
Add the following to a cron job every 15 mins: `git pull -u origin master`

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