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My dad has been working on the McGaw family tree for a few years now; over that time the machine he has been using has changed from a Dell Optimax running Windows XP, to a Macbook, running Windows Tiny7, due to the software that he used being a windows only application.

My Heritage Family Tree Maker is the application he is using, Its not a great application when running on Windows natively; and even more buggy when asked to look after a 2000+ individual tree, however when asked to run in a virtual machine, it all but gives up.

A Mac OS X version has been “in the works” since 2008:

We don’t have a MAC compatible version of FTB… yet. We’ve got a lot of requests, we’ll be working on it soon. [link]

Well it has been a while; and imo the Windows version is also getting worse;

I have been looking around for an alternative, one that uses a real database for the back end, rather than nativly using GEDcom files (GEnealogical Data COMmunication),

Synium Software’s Mac Family tree has been a native Mac application I have been trying to get him to consider. Just need for it to support the ability for different people to share databases with each other.

And at some point the McGaw family tree will be put online at

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