The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Finder Tags and Me

I have been following But She’s a Girl for a while.

A while ago I chose to implement her recommended use for Mavericks Finder Tags:

I don’t use tags in the usual way (with keyword-like tags), but instead use them to mark the status of a file in my workflow, to make it easier to lay my hands on the files I need. I therefore have only a small number of colour-coded tags as follows:

Hot (red): these are files that are in some way ‘todos’, in other words, files that I will start working on next.
Inprogress (orange): files that I am currently working on. I usually have a small number in progress at any one time (less than 6 or so).

Pending (yellow): these might be files I’ve downloaded or received in an email and I will need them for a meeting or upcoming work in a few days or weeks.

Done (green): files I have finished with. I often use this to keep track of my progress when I have to read a number of documents in a particular folder, but I won’t be able to do it in one sitting. Once I have read them all, I remove the tag, but while I am still working on it, the tags make it easy to see what I still have to do.

New (blue): this is an automatic tag that gets added by Hazel to newly downloaded files etc. Another tag (Old, grey colour) gets replaces the New tag when files in my Downloads folder are over a certain age. This helps me keep things tidy.

Forms (purple): these are frequently accessed files, spread throughout my file system. Some are actual forms, but others are documents to which I need to refer frequently or send on to other people.

While I don’t have Hazel, I still mark some files as blue, not because they are todo, but so I can find them easer when I need them (I don’t use grey or purple yet), because I quite often download files to work with when I am offline.

BSAG is a good read, go look at her stuff, oh and if your an OS X 10.9 user and haven’t found a use for finder tags yet, try this use of them out.

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