Fixing an Duplo Intelli Train

Passenger Train Starter Set with Motor
Passenger Train Starter Set with Motor

In a previous post about Duplo trains I mentioned that I had acquired a dead Duplo Intelli Train from eBay. A bit more research tells me that it is Lego Part number 2961, it is from Duplo set 2932 ‘Passenger Train Starter Set with Motor’ and is listed as ‘Train Passenger Locomotive Base’ there is a green freight version (Duplo set 2933 ‘Deluxe Freight Train Set with Motor’).

When I got it from eBay is was sold as not working, but there was also no reason listed as what it was not working, or what it was not doing (It was sold with the rolling stock, and the flashy lights, but no PWay or parts).

Looking at the locomotive it seems to be in good physical shape,

Getting in is a bit of a challenge:

As you can see I won 🙂

Taking the train to work (Both the little Duplo one, and the Northern Rail one)

And a quick test flight drive:

Now that is three working Lego Duplo locamotives 😀

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