The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Home Made Keyboards – Part 1: Project Overview

A while ago I cam across the Stenograph system, and thought about making myself a Steno Keyboard or something smiler, looking into I found this:

There are two types of keyboard used in the UK for STTRs (Speech to Text Reporter), the Palantype system and the Stenograph system. Unlike a QWERTY keyboard, not every letter in a word is pressed, but several keys will be pressed at once whaich represent whole words, phrases or shortforms. Specially designed computer software will then convert these phonetic chords back into English which can then be displayed for someone to read. This system can also be used for subtitling and closed captions in television broadcasts or Webcasts1

Stenograph System

A stenotype, stenotype machine or shorthand machine is a specialized chorded keyboard or typewriter used by stenographers for shorthand use. Some users of this machine can reach 300 words per minute.2

The Stenograph system is whole words in a cord; not just one letter; which while faster to type with than individual letters, it would mean learning word lists, and learning to spell full words as chords would take far too long.

Palantype System

The Palantype system like the Stenogpah System is also corded:

recording words phonetically syllable by syllable instead of letter by letter. To effect this, several keys can be depressed at the same time, as with a chord on the piano, instead of having to be depressed one at a time in sequence. The overall saving in the number of keystrokes is shown in the Tables and the corresponding saving in time is not difficult to imagine.3

Something of interest on the Spelling Society’s site was this article about AgiliWriting, an abbreviated, alphabetic shorthand that, if taken down correctly and legibly, can be transcribed by anyone else on a computer which has an automatic word processing conversion program to transcribe the text into standard English (auto replace/correct).

My Idea

Since learning cords for full words may be harder than just learning cords for single letters, I am looking at something like “Yet Another One-hand Keyboard” [], it has not been updated since 16/09/2010.

since I have now got some experience with using a Teensy as a human interface device, as such I will use that again.

Incorporated Phonographic Society Logo
Incorporated Phonographic Society Logo

When I am next around the London area it may be an idea to have a wonder along to see the Incorporated Phonographic Society (IPS).


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