The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

I Outsmarted a Bacon Sandwich!

Last night I rescued Steph from Bristol; she had been stolen by some one who could have been out witted by a bacon sandwich; and really a over cooked one at that.

Despite having a full toolkit; the instructions for her electrical system; and spare parts, they failed to steal her in any useful way.

I managed to get her working using the things that they had not stolen from her panniers:

  1. a Allan Key (used to test the state of the battery by shorting the starter relay).
  2. A bolt and nut to fix the number plate
  3. A replacement Fuse

It turns out that they had blown the main fuse; so once I had re-attached the two wires that normal attach to an ignition switch together; and changed the fuse; all that remained was to acquire some insulation tape to make the connection good; and replace the fuse.

The only parts I need to replace to get her back to being road legal (Have driven her already):

  1. Some zip ties to re-aim my headlamp.
  2. A new Speedo Cable for a Yamaha SR125 [1].

And to make her harder to steal – a new key lock (at the moment I walk off with the fuse).

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