The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Ignition Switch

After outsmarting the Bacon Sandwich, I recovered Steph to RandomZero’s last week to fix the Ignition Switch, I purchased a cheap replacement from Maplins which should be able to make and break onto load at ~30A @ 12V (won’t be making or breaking on much more than 4A @ 12V), also my order for a soldering iron came through from Amazon.

So while changing the Oil and oil filter; I had a go at fixing some of my electrical problems;

IMG 2763

Front of the panel after drilled and switch in place

IMG 2767

Back of Switch

IMG 2768

Using some heavy duty cable, soldered a new fuse holder; and heat shrink tubing to hold everything in place; and reduce exposure, and to reduce the number of crimps or friction joints in the electrical circuit.

IMG 2771

Pannel back in place showing the position when my panniers are on

IMG 2773

Cables are passed all the way through the frame under the air intake, and the fuse side is to be tied into the battery cable (the bare wire) and the other end will be tied into the bike electrics above the white connector.

IMG 2774

Hopefully this will all be more secure than just walking off with the fuse.


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