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Installing Raspbian on a R-Pi

I have used a number of Raspberry Pi’s for things, and despite there being more than one linux distribution available for the R-Pi I have not tried anything other than the Debian based Raspbian “wheezy”, These instructions are written assuming that you are using a Mac Running Mountain Lion.

Raspbian is an optimised version of Debian, and contains LXDE, Midori, development tools and example source code for multimedia functions.

  • Username: pi
  • Password: raspberry

These instructions should get you started with a base install, on an SD card, once you have done this, you can look at Running it as a Headless R-Pi

These instructions should work for any linux, Risc, or even NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) distribution for the R-Pi.

A Video 🙂

The Process

  1. Get the OS image from http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads, download, extract and place the image file somewhere easy to get at.
  2. Insert your SD Card,
  3. Open Disk Utility, and un-mount (do not eject it, or you have to reconnect it) the partition, and check the Disk Identifier/Disk name (I am going to use disk3)
  4. Using terminal you want to use the command:
    sudo dd if=path_of_your_image.img of=/dev/diskn bs=1m

    in my case it is

    sudo dd if=~/Downloads/wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/disk3 bs=1m
  5. Wait a LONG time!
  6. You’re done! Insert it in the Raspberry Pi, and have fun.
  7. You can now follow the guide to running your R-Pi headlessly

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