Is this man a Terrorist?

Tom Foulkes
Tom Foulkes
Tom Foulkes

Would you stop this man, Would you arrest him for carrying a two inch knife in a multi kit on the Eurostar?

Would you consider him a Terrorist? Would you think that this man had a vast knowledge of military things?

Well, he is not a terrorist, he is Tom Foulkes, the Director General of the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers), and he was arrested and detained for caring a two inch knife onto the Eurostar. And before any one says he was carrying a weapon, well he was an inch under the legal definition of a offensive weapon. but he s a military, civil, and mechanical engineer. He was educated at Clifton College, RMA Sandhurst, RMCS Shrivenham (BSc in Civil Engineering), Staff College, RCDS and the Open University (MBA). So could be a person who knows how to make bombs…

As he says

is such a toolkit really an “offensive weapon”? Is its possession by a middle-aged retired Army officer really an arrestable offence? Was my detention a good use of police time? Has any of this made London a safer place?

Well, I am still more worried about Police Stupidity.

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