The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Leaving o2

After being with O2 for a while (5 years), and getting slowly getting more and more niggled by them12345678 and that I have been paying £21.41 pcm for 600 minutes, 1200 SMS, (un)unlimited (retarded9) internet (without tethering), She who must be obayed took me accross to the T-Mobile/Everything Everywhere (Nothing Nowhere) store in Swindon, where because she introduced me to T-Mobile we both get £25 of high street vouchers 10, and I walked out with unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS, Unlimited Full Speed 3G on my iPhone 4s (with Tethering 10Gigs full speed then retarded for the rest of the month), and access to T-Mobile co-branded wi-fi hotspots all for £21.00 pcm.

However the fun with O2 didn’t stop there, while they were happy to let me get my PAC code (they emailed it to me, as they can’t SMS it), they had also locked/latched my iPhone 4S to their network, my iPhone 4S, a phone I had bought SIM Free, network unlocked from Apple, a phone that they had no right to latch/lock to O2, so when it came to putting my T-Mobile sim in, well it would not work as MY Phone was claiming that O2 had not authorised the moving it off their network, despite my not authorising their stealing of it.

At this point calls to 02 on 202 were no longer free, and I was told I would need to call 0844 809 0202, to which the correct response is feck off, so i found an alternative number 0113 272 2000, after speaking to a nice guy called Philip in O2 I managed to get my number set for un-latching, a process that “Can take 10 days” as luck was on my side 48 hours after I originally filled in the stupid O2 unlatching form I had my Phone working 🙂

If you want to move across to T-Mobile, and would like to help me by getting £50 of vouchers to share, the referral code is 07969502077 😀

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