The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Leaving WordPress

I have been thinking about moving and my 365 away from WordPress, as WordPress is a bit overpowered for myself as a lone user, and causes my server to run hard when hit with a lot of users.

I am poking my 365 at the moment with a view to making it more automatic. I am looking to move more sites, but will test out things with sites with less content.

Many years ago, while I was at Uni, and I was a more active member of TermiSoc, Skippy was run on a custom built CMS (custom built with bma‘s help).


My 365 is an interesting challenge, at the moment I take the photo on my iPhone, and send it over to the server using the WordPress app, however since I use my iPhone for all of the poking of the photos (or occasionally a real camera) I am planning on trying to use PhotoStream as an intermediatry. 

I am testing out the PhotoStream Sync WordPress Plugin by Shaun Andrews and Apokalyptik as a test, however I can’t seem to get it to work for me 🙁

The Settings I am using for my PhotoStream at // are:

PhotoStream Sync

However like Ronald Huve I am having the same problem

Great plugin with simple setup.

The shared pictures don’t show up in the post or pages. The discription of the pictures display corectly. The iCloud shared pages shows all the pictures and discription.

What can I do possibly wrong?

Some tips will be welcome.

However once I have a working method of grabbing photos from Photo Stream I will be happy. I will have to ask Binary Kitten about a cunning method, (you will see on the next post).

MarkDown is where I am moving all my random projects, I asked on the TermiSoc IRC channel about recommendations for Markdown Blogging platforms, 

The recommendations came back as Jekyll, Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby, however I don’t have Ruby installed on Vor, and don’t intend to, however I do like MarkDown, and can access the server via FTP.

Having a look round the internet Jekyll is highly regarded, and the while there are a few things like Jekyll written in PHP; Second Crack, Phrozn, Kirby, Stacey, Symphony and PieCrust.

Unlike Jekyll some of the above don’t need to be baked, however some interesting options:

  • Second Crack is about alpha, 
  • Kirby despite being hosted on GitHub requires a licence to be bought… and doesn’t support full markdown
  • Phrozn requires being baked
  • PieCrust can be run baked, or use On-demand cooking, giving it both the option to be a classic PHP CMS that will render requested pages on the fly, so if my site gets heavily trafficked, i can render the entire thing out to static.
  • Stacy looks to be not undergoing much in the way of development at the moment.
  • Symphony looks to be overkill for my requirements (kind of why I was trying to get away from WordPress).

I am testing PieCrust locally, with a view to moving my professional site, and my 365 to it.

my 365 is going to be an interesting challenge, as I need to grab the photos from my photo stream, along with the description and poke them into a blog like format.

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