The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Looking at Boats

This weekend I have been in Swindon, and after the fun events of Saturday, I was sitting watching TV with Parents; well they were watching TV, I was playing on the computer, and at this point there should be a bit of back story:

My brother, his Girlfriend Emily, and their one year Severn Month old daughter (my niece), currently live with my parents, when my Farther retired from Network Rail, where he had been working since he left school (well British Rail > Rail Track > Network Rail). he was given some cash. Dave and Emily have been offered some help with the cost of the deposit on purchasing a house; I had always assumed that my dad was not fond of the idea of me living on a boat, as it always came across that he didn’t think it was a ‘proper home’ however, on Saturday he asked if I would appreciate some help with the cost of my getting afloat, and that he was willing to offer me a smiler amount of support to that he had offered Dave and Emily.

Ergo on Sunday, Mum and I went from Swindon, down to Devizes, on the Kennet and Avon canal so I could show her the sort of craft I was looking at, first stop was Devizes Marina to see what they had on offer, not with a view to finding a boat; but more with a view to showing mum what a boat really was like from the inside.

NB Lizzy DrippingAt the marina they have a lovely 45ft Cruiser Stern called “Lizzy Dripping”, which I actually like the look of a lot, a lovely neat well laid out narrow boat; nice and light inside, with a surprisingly large amount of space, and storage space.

On Leaving the marina we went to have a quick look at the Devizes Wharf with a view to have a quiet walk along the cut to see if there were any boats for sale on the Cut.

NB Cock RobinTonight I may have a trek up to Thrupp to see if Narrow Boat Cock Robin (photos half way down post) is still on offer, and if she is, if I can have a look round.

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