The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Looking for a Mooring

With my getting a job, which is 35 miles from my parents (about the same distance as Culham Centre for Fusion Energy was) and since I can now afford to live on a boat again 🙂 a number of people have said that it is better to look for a mooring first; so a quick google I found that there are spaces at Victoria Basin in Gloucester Docks.


On monday I plan to pop up there; and have a look round, as when I phoned BWML I was told they had a number of Grade 1 moorings available, Grade 1 moorings are £152 per meter, per year:

Non residential approved status moorings, allowing unlimited leisure use within the marina. The vessel will be accommodated within the marina for 365 days within any one year.

This is not a 365 day residential mooring although stays on boats summer and winter is an expectation.

Vessels will regularly leave berths to refuel, pump out and cruise.

Service provision provided with a Grade One status berth will be:

  • Unlimited access to the vessel (Non Residential Status)
  • Maximum 16 amp electrical supply (chargeable)
  • Water connection all year round (subject to underground freezing caused by severe weather conditions)
  • Non-Free Parking arranged
  • Storage box provided (subject to space availability) and site location
  • Free use of site facilities, some items are chargeable (laundrette, pump out etc)
  • TV Ariel distribution to the craft (if available by the Utility Company)
  • Telephone distribution to the craft (if available by the Utility Company)
  • Sites accommodating up to 150 berths a minimum part time (10 hrs per week) customer/maintenance worker, above 150 berths a full time employee (37 hrs per week)
  • The ability for post handling.
  • BWML Chandlery delivery service direct from Sawley Marina, 10% discount on orders, terms and conditions apply, (check with Sawley Marina or your local marina office discount arranged prior to order), delivery charges applicable
  • Industry assessment adopted for pontoon design
  • Emergency call provision (Free phone Canals 0800 47999 47 ¿or 01923 201120 in Office Hours?)
  • Ombudsman Complaints Procedure
  • Domestic waste removal from the marina. This does not include house waste ie. Furniture, carpets, white goods or electrical equipment.
  • 6 weeks on hard standing subject to marina facility (lifting fees applicable), additional weeks are chargeable at appropriate rates (subject to Marina location).

I have a Motor Cycle so shan’t need to use the car parking all that much. from what Victoria Marina looks nice and clean, close to the Bus Station, and the Railway Station with London being about 2 to 3 hours away, So not badly placed to escape to london from, Bristol and Birmingham are about an hour away.

Also on monday may have a quick look at the Sharpness Canal.

(map from here)


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