Looking for Lee Rourke’s The Canal

A while ago I read Lee Rouke’s “The Canal” as part of Task 16; yesterday Loupie and I went for a walk to look see if we could find where the bench in the book was; well this is my best guess:

[photonav url=’http://skippy.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/the_bench.jpg’ mode=’move’ popup=’none’ animate=’1′]

It is here on the map:


Also while out Loupie and I came across The Sandwich Barge again; and had a nice cold drink of freshly squesed Orange Juice 😀

[photonav url=’http://skippy.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/thesandwichbarge.jpg’ mode=’move’ popup=’none’]


One thought on “Looking for Lee Rourke’s The Canal

  1. Hullo,

    I feel honoured. That is the exact rusting iron bridge from my novel. The bench was just to the left of those two trees on the map – before it was removed to make room for the housing development. As happens in the novel.

    Thanks so much for this. I hope you both had a lovely day there.


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