The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

#Makevember Post 00


I came accross Makevember randomly from This blog.

The 2018 Manifesto:

  • Every day in November make a thing – if you can’t do it every day then do what you can. Push yourself to make daily, with less procrastination and quickly. Limit your time, always share the results. Be kind to yourself
  • Try to make something extra – art, craft, code, robots, video… anything…( but not your lunch or a mess or something you’d normally make anyway) something different with methods and materials that you don’t often try. #makevemeber is not for promoting your ETSY or tindie page or your everyday work #makevember stuff shouldn’t be FOR SALE. Make something different.
  • Don’t take all of a day to make it – if you only have 5 minutes that’s enough
  • Use what you have to hand, limiting your choice makes it easier – if you only have some mud and a stick, what would you make? Paper and a pen, what would you make? If you only have the stuff in your waste paper basket, what could you make?
  • Do it wherever you find yourself – working outside your usual space is good. If you find yourself on a train or plane, at the beach or in a hotel… what can you make?
  • Share it online with a photo or video – Instagram/twitter/facebook whatever, you know what to do #makevember
  • Be kind to yourself – it is more than okay to share something that is not going to change the world or that is a little bit squiffy or half-formed, even something that didn’t work.
  • Done, is good enough – You’ve been locked in a room you have only what’s in your pockets and in the room and a short time to make something, ask yourself, what would MacGyver do?

Someone has a Tumblr that gives lists of 10 ideas of projects to do, So tonight I need to have a look and Make Something!

The hashtag on Twitter etc is #Makevember.

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