Matt Little’s workshop on Off-grid solar PV @ EMFCamp 2014

Matt Little and a Solarcooker
Matt Little and a Solarcooker
Matt Little and a Solar cooker

One of the workshops at EMF Camp was Matt Little’s workshop on off grid solar Photo Voltaic, however due to being stuck in traffic I was unable to attend it. as some one intrested in off grid living (being on a boat and all)

After the fact I spoke to Matt via twitter and he sent me the link to the course material, and said that he would be holding his next work shop in Bristol, which I will not be able to make.

They are both very good introduction sheets, and cover most rules of thumb in a clear and concise way ­čÖé and would make a good starting point for boaters, (and preppers or survivalists as well).

I am thinking of swapping my current PWM solar charge controller with a MPPT controller (guide for Solar Controllers: Which solar charge controller). I am looking at a BlueSolar Charge controller MPPT 75/15. – Thoughts?

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