A while ago I wrote about my experiences with unlocking a Three Data Modem; recently I picked up a Edimax 3G-6210n GPRS USB Modem to Wi-Fi (and wired) router, I plan to use this at Medieval Siege Society events, and while away with the car (it has an internal battery :D).

Setting the box up is easy; the instruction manual is well laid out and can answer all questions you need. my wifi is set up with WPA2 PSK, and a nice pass phrase; the settings for the o2 GPRS are as follows:

  • APN/Access point: mobile.o2.co.uk
  • Username: mobileweb
  • Password: password
  • Session type: Continuous / permanent
  • Authentication: Normal
  • Security: Off
  • DNS Servers: and

Note: The “Mobile Web” service must be enabled on your contract for these settings to work.

There are a number of other user names that should work; including faster; (with the same password). Other networks settings can be found here.

nbGypsyRover has a post showing them with a Zoom 3G router. I am curious to find out how other members of the boating community connect to the web (please answer in the comments section).