The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

My 👍👎 relationship with WordPress

wordpress wiki

Every so often I try to bin WordPress, and move away from it.

I have most recently tried to use DokuWiki to try and get away from WordPress, this can still be seen on, where the some of my notes are now going to live.

Things I don’t like about WordPress 👎:

  1. Database
  2. Media Store
  3. Difficulty in migrating and syncing
  4. Posts and the Ilk

Things I do like about WordPress 👍:

  1. The Editor (although with Gutenberg coming this may change).
  2. Pugin and theme availability
  3. Media library


While a database allows for a very powerful site, MySQL / maria makes it hard to back up, migrate or manually edit posts or media by hand; everything needs to have a reference in the database, and if you move anything 💣

Media Store

I love that you can store meta data with the media you upload! its amazing! and Wonderful, but please for the love of cheese, DON’T store resized images forever in the same folder as the master image gets uploaded to, and please let me delete them occasionally, yes you can re-create them as and when you desire, but its a pain to have to back up cached images because you don’t have proper cache control word press!

So if you want to add a watermark to all your source images; boom, no easy way. etc

Difficulty in migrating and syncing

which leads us onto this one; the difficulty in migrating and syncing wordpress between machines, as everything you do on one machine has to be copied to another, and you can’t make changes concurrently as then merging the database will be a nightmare!

Posts and the Ilk

There is no easy way to mix and match Posts and Pages, This is annoying if I want a more wiki like thing than a formaly aranged set of pages.

however I think I have a work around.

The Editor

At the moment I like the ‘Classic Editor’ I see that they plan on changing this with the ‘Gutenberg editor’ coming out soon, so will see what that change brings

Plug-in and Theme availability

There are tons of plugins and themes available; some of which are better than others. Most are free, but some are pay to use.

Media library

The wordpress Media library is very powerful, and if you take some time to manage files when you upload them a good way of indexing files for later use.


I have moved some of my wiki to here, using a plug-in :D, however more of my hand written style notes are going to live over on

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