The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

MyOpenLab – macOS Catalina

MyOpenLab Splash Screen

After my last attempt at getting MyOpenLab to work on macOS, I posted my question on the MyOpenLab Facebook group, where I was given the following response:

Hello, what version of MyOpenLab, Java and OSX are you testing? You could test the most recent development version:…/ The fail could be access permissions to the libRXTX library files or the library files version, I have found a library file that works well on MAC OSX but if the files does not work on your system try to find and replace the library files with other versions until finding the correct library for your OSX version. Please give a feedback to improve the MAC version.

I downloaded the development version, and sent my previous post back as a comment on the thread,

cd Documents/Projects/MyOpenLab
chmod +x start_macosx

Creating a new project, and loading up to the same point that gave me issues last time, we are now ready to add the firmata item.

MyOpenLab Arduino Firmata button
MyOpenLab Arduino Firmata button

This is where we hit our first roadblock,

librxtxSerial.jnilib unknown developer
librxtxSerial.jnilib unknown developer

Hitting cancel will just bring up a loop of errors that it can’t be found in MyOpenLab, and moving to the bin will delete it… the only way out of the loop of errors at this point is to ⌘+Q MyOpenLab, it would be nice if there was a check for the loading of this library that allowed for a more graceful fail.

librxtxSerial.jnilib can be found in the MyOpenLab lib folder, however it does not have a default editor, so can not be run directly.

librxtxSerial.jnilib in the lib folder

While the file can not be marked as safe easily by just ‘right-click » open’, you can use ‘open with’ on the same menu. I opened it in ‘text edit’ which then asked me to confirm it was safe…

Now I have that working, I will have a further play and see what I can get to work 😀

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