nbWonderinStar Second Visit

On Saturday Random Zero, Betty, Dan and I went to Gloucester via motor cycle; there were two main aims behind this; the first was to get a second look at nbWonerinStar, and the second was so I could get some experience on the main roads between the two, with a view to using Steph to get too and from work.

While I was speaking to nbWonderinStar’s owner Betty, Zero, and Dan had a look round the shopping centre and the museum.

[nggallery id=11]

There may be a problem with buying nbWonderinStar; in that the boat they were looking at may have been sold. Will find out on Tuesday. However until then I can keep looking.

I have just been told that due to the boat they were looking to buy being sold to some one else; nbWonderinStar is being taken off the market. ergo I will have to keep looking.

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