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New Kindle

My new Kindle came today 🙂
Very small box; not much bigger than the Kindle, Amazon like minimalist packaging 🙂 It looks like they have been talking to Apple.

The Kindle comes nicely wrapped in a box with the instructions in the lid; and the charging cable under the eBook reader in the tray.

The Instructions on the screen leave you with no need to guess what to do next…

Plug it in, and it changes the screen, letting you know its alive, then after a few moments it will walk you through the process of setting it up on the wireless network.

This is my new Kindle next to my mum’s Kindle Keyboard 3G

The screen is awesome; however the lack of back lighting makes it hard to read in low light. so will have to still use my iPhone in bed.

3 thoughts on “New Kindle

  1. Yeah that’s the problem with eink, and why I use my Transformer to read kindle books. Great in sunlight – which is why they always advertise people reading it in bright californian summer days – but not so great in a dimly lit bedroom.

    Alternatively you can do what I did with my sony reader for a time – arrange to have a light directly behind you.. it’ll illuminate the screen so you can read it.

  2. Or use a clip on light (I got one for £1 and is great for when my bf wants to sleep and I need to read in pitch black, otherwise I use a light). I think with all the beauty of tablets/smartphones people have forgotten that real books do not come with backlights 🙂

    Personally, I find backlight strains my eyes and my specs prescription isn’t very strong and I plan on keeping it that way 😛

    My boyfriend has just said he burns bundles of £20 notes to illuminate his kindle, wondered where all his cash went!


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