The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

New Leathers and a broken Steph

I have been using Steph to get to and from work for the past three days of last week; after help from RandomZero; now I have recovered from my broken Thumb, Step now looks a little different to a stock SR125:





On Saturday I managed to liberate my Christmas present from my Farther; a set of proper motorcycle clothing;

George Whites shut down (went into administration) on Thursday last week, meaning that it was off to Art Deans (the only other supplier that I know of in Swindon);

On Sunday I went off for a ride up to Abingdon, Oxford, Clifton, Chipping Norton and Then back to Swindon; in my Sexy new Hi-Vis (Well Sexy if you have a Hi-Vis Fetish or Motor Cycle Fetish (I DON’T!!)).

Jon Ody of Ody Automation managed to get these photos of me:

However After leaving Chipping Norton, Steph suffered an electrical fault, causing me to break down next to the side of the road; at the little fish shop in the ley-by just south of the A40. I Managed to jiggle the wires together and off we went;

However this morning she died on the way to work; so I am going to have to look at her tonight; lucky for me I have the Yamaha SR125 Service Manual, and The Supplementary Service Manual (can be found here). I have printed off the wiring Guide; however mine has now been scribbled all over with things I know have changed.

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