The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Number 41 – Get a Motor Cycle – Update

I am now the owner of a Motor cycle 😀 now with the help of Random Zero the challenge of making her road worthy commences 😀



According to this website: “With its megaphone style silencer and deeply valanced mudguards the GZ 125 looks like it can’t make its mind up whether it wants to be a boy racer or a cruiser. Fortunately Suzuki hasn’t got any doubts, and pitches the little Marauder squarely at the learner cruiser market.

The single overhead cam engine is based on the old GN 125 single cylinder engine, and that is no bad thing. This is a solid, reliable motorcycle that will take the sort of abuse only a learner will subject a motorcycle to.

And it is also cheap to service – surely an important consideration if you are just starting out and have hefty insurance premiums to pay as well.
Power output is 12bhp at 9500rpm, which means the single disc up front and the drum at the rear should be good enough to keep you out of trouble. The raked front fork and classic twin rear shocks with pre-load adjustment are also basic. But what do you expect? This is not a pricey motorcycle.

The pulled back handlebar and low seat height – we’re talking just 680mm here – means that the junior Marauder is better suited to shorter riders. Lanky riders will feel cramped, in spite of footrests that are hung in front of the engine. The claimed 125kg dry weight is also attractive to lightweight learners.

With just 12bhp available you are not going to use this motorcycle to pull tractors, but the easy going performance soon wins you over? especially when you remember how cheap to run this little Suzi is. It barely sips petrol so the 14-litre gas tank should hold enough to take you almost 300 miles.

Good value and an excellent first time learner bike, the GZ 125 Marauder is a great introduction to motorcycling”

Not so sure about the paint work as it stands; but will see what happens; that can always be changed once she is fit to run; but I will also need to choose some handle bars as mine is missing them.

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