The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Number 41 – Stripping the Carb

Yesterday Random Zero and I spent the day poking my Bike, and going shopping, the result of the shopping is that I now look like some one in Black and Red:

IMG 1847

Oh and my hair was re poked this time (photos at end).

The carburettor was poked on my Suzuki Marauder GZ 125, as part of the poking the odd over revving problem with the choke, The choke is that magic black box (well silver) that adds just the right amount of file to the air for the engine; all this is done with only one control connection; (there is a throttle feed back sensor).

IMG 1830IMG 1829IMG 1831IMG 1834IMG 1835

IMG 1836

All very shiny; well when we put it back together it seems that the needle valve now sticks open, causing too much fuel to run through from the tank to the float chamber, then over the float chamber over flow, and out to a pool under the bike. so I guess that I will need to open it up again soon and have a poke at the floats and needle valve (white plastic blobs in first photo).

Appart from that the bike runs well; and looks like it will only need to have its tires changed, and sent for an MOT, and then I will be able to run šŸ™‚

Also on Saturday I tried a new blue on my hair, SFX’s Electric Blue, that I acquired from Bee Unique:

Bee Unique

IMG 1837

IMG 1841

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