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Number 49 – Dye my hair a non-natural colour, ITS BLUE!!!!


Last night Hinge Came round, for our normal mid-week chat, and Sauna.

Before she got here I did a bit of chemistry:

IMG 1703IMG 1704

As you can see, I had made up a blue paste, that I assumed should have been white and or clear; it seems to also be very goopy, I assume if I do this again I will work out a better method of making this stuff than following the instructions…

IMG 1706

After application of said Gloop, the first set of waiting starts; Manic Panic give some very wide timings for this part, as in somewhere between 20 mins and 90 mins; all of which could have applied to parts of my hair, so based on feedback about the blue; I went for much much closer to 90 than I would have done normally.

IMG 1708IMG 1709

As you can see, It seems to have stripped most of the colour out of my hair; both natural, and my first attempt.

With the help of this lovely young lady,

IMG 1711

We then applied the Manic Panic Shocking Blue, and headed for the Sauna, which given I was advised to leave it in for longer than it says (a lot longer) and apply some heat with a hair dryer, (not owning a hairdryer may be an error).

IMG 1713

Post Sauna, and quick wash it looked like this;

IMG 1718

and this is what it looks like after drying overnight

IMG 1720IMG 1719

I brushed a little conditioner in, because I had fluffy hair, so this is what it looked like before work this morning; its still a little patchy; but I am sure with a bit of work I can make it look better.



IMG 1721

IMG 1722

These were taken just now; and show it after a day of living with me.

9 thoughts on “Number 49 – Dye my hair a non-natural colour, ITS BLUE!!!!

  1. I want your hair 🙁 Not sure I’d get away with it in schools though 🙁

    Closest I was got was blue streaks when I was going for the Illyria look (from Angel).

  2. That’s actually looking very awesome love! The way you were talking to me about it was that it was more patchy than that. I love it 🙂

  3. Edit to the comment above: I’ve found that using a little bit of Aussie macadamia oil shampoo to wash out the bleach before dying makes the hair softer and more plyable, then using Aussie leave in conditioner after washing out the colour (using cool not hot water) making it yummy and soft. Specially in this heat, I use the leave in conditioner a lot!

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