The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Number 49 – Dye my hair a non natural colour

Shocking Blue Manic Panic

As part of my Day Zero Challange, one of the items is to dye my hair a non-natural colour, I have had my eye on dying my hair blue for a while; Manic Panic, do a colour called “Shocking Blue” that I thought would do the job, and be an awsome colour;

Manic Panic - Shocking Bluesee Awsome Colour 😀

However not all as good as seems, after colouring my back blue:

skippy's blue back

My hair is not quite as blue now that it has been finished:

IMG 1679

So will have to try again 🙁

Gothicat recomends ignoring the instructions, and leaving it in for two hours if I don’t bleach my hair first, and Ian recomends an hour if I do. the plan behind not bleaching my hair first, was that at some point it would fade, and I would have my natural hair colour back… so we may have to go with plan B.

I bought my hair dye from Volumptupuss, an awsome small web-shop set up by my friend Gothicat, really friendly; and awsome customer service, ordered at 13:30 on Wednesday, and on Thursday at 11:00 I was signing for my delivery 😀

And at some point I will buy some bleach, and more hair dye from her.

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