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Number 49 – Dye my hair a non natural colour

Shocking Blue Manic Panic

As part of my Day Zero Challange, one of the items is to dye my hair a non-natural colour, I have had my eye on dying my hair blue for a while; Manic Panic, do a colour called “Shocking Blue” that I thought would do the job, and be an awsome colour;

Manic Panic - Shocking Bluesee Awsome Colour 😀

However not all as good as seems, after colouring my back blue:

skippy's blue back

My hair is not quite as blue now that it has been finished:

IMG 1679

So will have to try again 🙁

Gothicat recomends ignoring the instructions, and leaving it in for two hours if I don’t bleach my hair first, and Ian recomends an hour if I do. the plan behind not bleaching my hair first, was that at some point it would fade, and I would have my natural hair colour back… so we may have to go with plan B.

I bought my hair dye from Volumptupuss, an awsome small web-shop set up by my friend Gothicat, really friendly; and awsome customer service, ordered at 13:30 on Wednesday, and on Thursday at 11:00 I was signing for my delivery 😀

And at some point I will buy some bleach, and more hair dye from her.

2 thoughts on “Number 49 – Dye my hair a non natural colour

  1. I quite like it, I always leave my dye on for longer than it says. It also helps to apply Vaseline to all areas you might accidentally dye like forehead back of neck etc first. You possibly didn’t rinse it all out as well as you thought.

    Good luck for next attempt. I’m thinking of doing mine blood red again, or maybe purple

    1. The box of stuff for my hair is still sat on my desk; Hannah was here last night; but we started on the wine before the hair…

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