Number 81 – 7lbs in 7 Days

Jason “The Juice Master” Vale’s “7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet” is going to be book number 16 on my 100+ Reading Challange, while also carrying out Task 81 of my Day Zero Projects.

A trolly full of fruit
A trolly full of fruit

I am approaching the “Super Juice Diet” not as a diet; but more as something I am curious about; and whats the worst that can happen? Loupie and I chose to try it out this week as we are both in the City together; and both of us are in the same place as the juicer, so a quick trip down to Morrisons in Stratford to pick up a load of fruit and veg; and we are now on for Day one on Monday
Ruth holding a Brockly

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