The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

O2: “Skippy; I am your father”

o2 I am your farther

Dear O2,

It may have escaped your attention, but I did not ask you to protect me from the internet, and I also hate to point it out to you but “Think of the Children” is not an excuse for you to try and be a parent your customers, and your customers’ children (*note* ownership of customers’ children is the customer. ¡not you!).

I pay you to provide me with a “Dumb Pipe” a pipe that allows me to request what ever the hell I want from which ever server I wish to request it from on the internet; regardless of what your opinion on that site is, There is no legal requirement for you to opt me in your age verification system, whats next I can’t look at sites that you think are too left or right wing? sites that are set up by disgruntled customers? sites that some other organisation would prefer I didn’t go to (¿Wikileaks?). where will the censorship stop? and if you feel you have the right to restrict my mobile viewing, when some one points out that you also provide home broadband, will you restrict that too?

Its has been noted that O2 Mobile Broad Band Internet also blocks access to Google Translate, to stop people using that as a proxy, so does this mean that other proxy sites will stop working as well?

The correct way of implementing this would have been to send a message to all your O2 customers with a message telling people that if they wished to take advantage of the Customer Protection Block they should send Yes to some short code number; it is not like O2 are not famous for spamming people with marketing messages.


A Miffed Customer.

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