Oh Joy Sex Toy’s Cartoon – Trigger Warning

Medical AbortionOne of my most visited posts is “Why I fear Pro-Life“, which was written as a post response and expansion on a blog post by Delkaetre, against a group of FuckTards called Abort 67:

Abort67 is a pro-life protest group in the UK known for using hardline tactics such as holding protests outside of abortion clinics, counselling people going in or out of the clinics, and displaying graphic images of aborted fetuses. Such tactics are considered unusual and extreme in the UK, although they are more common in the US. Abort67 receives financial support from US anti-abortion groups, and the graphic images which they use in protests also come from the US.

Oh Joy Sex Toy have recently written a cartoon about medical abortion (link):

Oh Joy Sex Toy - Medical Abortion
Oh Joy Sex Toy – Medical Abortion

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