The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

On Continues Cruising and JSA

my contract with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) has not been renewed, so for fun I am now without a job, one of the things however I am allowed to do in the UK while applying for work is apply for JSA (Job Seekers Allowance).

I am trying to do this without ending up claiming in Swindon (my Postal Address), I was sent a link to This forum,

After phoning 08000 556688, I was asked for my post code, twice I repeated the phrase “of no fixed abode” before the computer gave up and let me get past, and to talk to an operator.

After talking to a human, I was advised that I should complete the form Online, as this would be quicker… Despite being sat in Manchester HackSpace for an hour, the website was still not working, so Back to the phone it was.

Dialling 08000 556688 again gave me a very smug man who proceeded to tell me that companies would only want to employ people with digital skills, and that it would be much faster to do this all online (several times), and implied that my knowledge of computers must suck…

After filling in the form, he decided that my local job centre plus to where the boat was, was Didsbury, a place that puts it miles away from anywhere near Ashton Under Lyme.

Getting off the Phone I had some stuff to drop back with Ben and Non, so after a nice cup of tea, wondered down to the Job Centre Plus at Stockport.

I have an interview on Monday 15th to convince them I am really looking for work, so they will give me job seekers allowance of about £71.


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