The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Ouch; falling off Steph

Yesterday on my way to see B0atG1rl in Bath as I was travailing down the B4069 Following the road round a right hand bend I came face to face with a car travelling towards me in my lane, in trying to avoid hitting it i straightened up and managed to miss it; however I was unable to make the corner, so when Steph’s wheels hit the wet leaves in the verge with the breaks on, we both ended up on the ground.





This is the damage to her (taken at the side of the road)


My helmet scraped the ground, as did my right glove; and both my knees; (left one is grazed)


My Right hand yesterday




Steph this morning after Azz and I had a look and worked out what was buggered,

The headlight took a hit; as did both the wing mirrors, and the handle bars are bent ūüôĀ

I need new gloves (old ones are in the bottom of my panniers) and a new helmet (the old one is in the bin).



This is the result of Going to the Doctors about my hand; I got referred to X-Ray, and then pushed across to A&E, three Doctors looked at my X-Rays and came to the conclusion that my thumb looks “Different”; so tomorrow I get to go to something they call “Fracture Clinic” as they want to find out if my hand is odd, or if I have dislocated my thumb.

I went to the Doctors for more Citalopram  and he gave me Naproxen for the pain.

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