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Number 9 – Goto the Gym Regulerly

On my Day Zero List; Task 9 is to goto the gym regularly; since the task must have a lower set requirement; I have base lined mine Four Visits, Per Callander Month; for Six Months, while that may only look like 24 visits on paper; myself and Alex (a co-worker at CCFE) are planning to […]

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Day One

Today is the first day of Day Zero; and 100+ Reading Challenge; my Day Zero List is coming together; Loupie has just given me another I can add to it; she asked me to add “Move in together”. As for my 100+ Reading Challenge; I have two books I had started before the first; Just […]

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UKgoth – Where were you when we sacked Rome? is now back online; well sort of; needs a fair amount of poking to get it up to date; Tony of the UK Waterways Ranking Site has agreed to let me use the code for a Ranking Site. I did speak to about using their code in the project; but they wanted to […]

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Better Late than Never

Right; Since I missed New Years… both of them, and my blog has been reset; due mostly to the death of all my old posts; and because I am no longer using a CMS. I have chosen to Start my New Years Challenges Tomorrow; The First one is the “Day Zero Project”, which is otherwise […]

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Uncle Phil

Squee; I am an uncle: at 9.55am weighing 7lb 9oz Baby Kaitlyn is the newest member of our family. I haven’t seen Emily, or baby yet; possibly will try to get down to Swindon early next week.

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Some Kind Person…

While at the Welshchurch for the Woodhouse Players’ Mother Goose, some ¿wonderful and kind? took it as there right to help themselves to my Camera bag, containing all my camera equipment; as well as loupie’s little bridge camera. As you can guess I am far from best pleased. The Bag Contained: Nikon D70 18-70mm Lens […]

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New year, New start.

Here Loupie and I are sat here at the Vagabonds New Years party, a lot has happened in the last year, all our sites are now on the new server. Our old host went down, and left us without any of our data; so with this being new years, what better time to resurrect all […]