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Is this man a Terrorist?

Would you stop this man, Would you arrest him for carrying a two inch knife in a multikit on the EuroStar? Would you consider him a Terrorist? Would you think that this man had a vast knolage of military things? Well, he is not a terrorist, he is Tom Foulkes, the Director General of the […]

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Over the past week I have taken up listening to PodCasts at work on my PDA, despite not having any proper podcast client software. Cory Doctorow’s “OwnzoredI” started with Cory Doctorow’s short storys, showing he is not only a great Technologist, but he is a good provider of Sci-Fi, he has 15 of his short […]

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Driving test

Today I took my Driving Theory test, The test is a two part test, a Multiple choice part, and a Hazard perception part, To pass the multiple choice part you have to score above 30 out of 35, and for the hazard perception you have to get 44 out of 75, Some parts of the Hazard perception […]

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My Shiney

A Mac Mini for £500 lets see what sort of PC upgrades I can do for under £500 CPU: AMD SEMPRON 64BIT 3300 + 1600MHz HTT/128K Memory: 2048 MB DDR400 PC3200 WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY! (2×1GB) Motherboard: FOXCONN 760GX WITH SIS760GX CHIPSET, 8X AGP, SATA, 3 PCI Graphics Card: 256MB GEFORCE 6600 8X AGP + DVI […]

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Inspired by the upsu:pumpkin those mad people at the TermiHouse set about making thier own Pumpkin, The idea of putting the Temisoc.org logo in was rejected due to the dificulty level, and because this would be most of the workers first pumpkin, so instead the Retro Pumpkin face was chosen as a easy to achieve design. Who […]

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Went to a small party at Kris, and Ashlie’s house yesterday Chris Laversha and Ashlie carved a Pumpkin, on one side was the upsu logo, and the other i belive there was a Face, Due to the Saturday night being the [University of Plymouth Student’s Union Flirt Halloween speashal] i have chosen to use the image […]

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Grill an Electret

Well Last night in the good old fasion that is in keeping with the union we grilled some Politations, The strange People from Labor were Char-Grilled, and the guy from UKIP hadent got a Clue, and was compleatly off the wall, (would have made a great drinking game…) Kris moaned that all my photos were out […]