Photo voltaic connectors

For a while I have been planning on cleaning up the Photovoltaic cable run on nbSteven, on Amazon I found these MC4 (Multi connect) (5 Pack) and these Y leads.

According to the Datasheet the they are rated to 30 A at 1000 V DC which should be more than I will need (At the moment I only have two ~150 W Photo Voltaic panels).

EPIP 20 Solar Controller
EPIP 20 Solar Controller

Our current Solar Controller is an EPIP20 (EPIP 20 Solar Controller Brochure) its a PWM unit, however it may soon be replaced with a BlueSolar Charge controller MPPT 75/15, which on paper should give us ~ 30 % improvement on solar panel output, and extra capacity for adding more solar cells in the future.

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