The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Playing with a SACHS XTC 125

Over the weekend; Random Zero, Betty and I were playing with the SACHS XTC 125 4-stroke, (Sachs XTC 125 Motorcycle Workshop Manual)


On Way back from Pickup

This is the SACHS XTC 125 when we picked it up in Bracknell, it has at this point been nicknamed “The Wasp”

My challenge was to get the front light working; as the one we had been given with the bike was an after market one; that was different to the stock light. The first challenge was finding a way to wire it in so it worked; the old light was drawing its power from the Alternator Positive; which means that there is only power when the motor is running; and it had a small supplementary ‘parking’ light that had power all the time;

So to get the motor running the first challenge was to wire in a fuel tank; as the bikes has been taken off (along with all other fairings and plastic parts) to be made less wasp like and painted black,

IMG 2059

50 ml syringe being used as fuel tank; you may be lucky and get to the end of the street; but chances are you would have to push the bike back…

Now the bike had some fuel and we could poke the wiring the fun began:

IMG 2060

IMG 2061

The Strange O.o looking headlights;

IMG 2062

IMG 2063

Small Rats nest

IMG 2064

In there some where are three ground line (Black); one 12+ ignition Line (Orange) ; one Alt Line (Red) however still not sure what ll the others are supposed to be; and the wiring diagram was next to useless as it was unreadable

IMG 2065

Mocking up the lights connection, you can see the Choc Block strung below

The Other Challenge undertaken that day was the stripping of the Stolen and Recovered Kawasaki Klr 250, however there is still no details on my Sazuki Marauder 🙁

IMG 2066IMG 2067IMG 2076IMG 2077IMG 2078IMG 2079IMG 2080

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