The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Pycom on Mac 10.15.1

I have bought a Pycom makr WiPy to have a play with Micro Python, the recommended IDE is atom with Pymakr Atom Package, however it doesn’t work out the box as designed due to an issue with Atom and Pymakr.

After you have installed Atom from, you can open it for the first time; go to the Preferences menu, and install pymakr the version I am installing is 1.4.18, once you have installed it you will get an error message like this: “Could not locate the bindings file”

Pycom Serial Error
Pycom Serial Error

Using HomeBrew, we will install node

brew install node

Once that has run check the installed versions:

[email protected] ~ % node -v
[email protected] ~ % npm -v
[email protected] ~ % apm --version
apm  2.4.3
npm  6.2.0
node 10.2.1 x64
atom 1.41.0
python 2.7.16
git 2.24.0

Exit Atom and we will do some magic incantations

install -g prebuild
npm install -g prebuild-install
cd ~/.atom/packages/pymakr/node_modules/\@serialport/bindings
prebuild-install --runtime electron --target 4.2.5 --tag-prefix @serialport/[email protected] --verbose

Plug in your Pycom board and restart Atom:

It works
It works

Heading back to the getting started guide I will jump back in at “Your first Pymakr Project“:

  1. Firstly you will need to create a new, empty, directory on your computer. For this example we will create one called RGB-Blink.
  2. Next you will need to open either Atom
  3. Once the text editor has loaded you will need to click File > Open, and open the directory you created in step 1
New Project - RGB-Blink
New Project – RGB-Blink

We make sure that Atom has the correct project for the WiPy

Atom Project Bar
Atom Project Bar

You can either follow the rest of the guide, or download my copy of RGB-Blink RGB-Blink.

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