The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Audio/Video out

The Raspberry Pi A, and Raspberry Pi B both had a composite video out, on an composite video plug (RCA), the new model B+ uses a 4-pole socket which carries both audio and video signals. This style of connector is sometimes referred to as “TRRS”, which stands for “Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve”.

4-pole Jack
4-pole Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve Jack

The pin out for the Raspberry Pi B+ is Video(Yellow), Ground (Black), Right Audio (Red), Left Audio (White).

The Pin out for a standard AV in is however not the same! and the one for my projector (I can’t say if it is for all equipment) is Ground, Right Audio, Left Audio, Video.

Cheap Chinese projector and Raspberry Pi
Cheap Chinese projector and Raspberry Pi

You can pick up 3.5MM 4 Pole Jack Plug Solder Connectors from Amazon for £2.05 per. I am going to use two to interface with my cheap projector.

The ones I picked up from Amazon are quite hard to solder, and in the process I wrote two of them off. as such I am on the look out for a better supplier.

I have an idea for a project for my cheap projector. its raiting plate suggests it needs a maximum of 2 Amp at 12 VDC, and with a USB out (as you can see on the right) I can daisy chain it to a Raspberry Pi, meaning I only need to feed it 12 V.


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