The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

RFID blocking wallets

Recently there have been people claiming that they can steal money from your pocket (up to £30) by skimming your credit or debit card info using a EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) or PED (Pin Entry Device).

It said thieves could exploit a security flaw to steal key data from contactless debit and credit cards even when they are in the holder’s wallet. Tests show that thieves armed with scanners can capture the numbers and expiry dates on the cards and use them for online purchases.

Given that they would have to pray that you only have one card in your wallet, and that they should have to be very close, I am not all that worried…

…However you can buy RFID blocking wallets, Card Sleeves, and Fake Cards, that are all designed to ‘protect’ your wallet and cards from being scanned by thieves.

Now not being paranoid, or wanting to buy one of these I wondered how well a single sheet of Aluminium tape would work… yep you read that right… Standard Screwfix Tape (I only had the 50mm stuff, the link is to the 96mm stuff). so after some testing at work with a SINGLE Sheet of tape approx the size of a credit card, I decided to make something a lot more expensive… (it cost over three times the price of the bit I had used and needed an old train ticket). this lives in my wallet next to my credit card.

And there you go, an almost free (or £8 if you don’t have aluminium tape laying around) Thing to stop people doing something I doubt is really happening outside the cover of the daily mail.

The aluminium sheet was wrapped round the card because it was easer to do it like that, there is no requirement other than you have to stop H-Field coupling between the reader and the Card.

Make your bit of card the size of a £50 pound note and slide it in to protect everything at once, or make it the size of your passport to upset people at the Airport.

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